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FAIIR is excited to announce a partnership with UserWay for an extremely important member benefit.

In recent years, more and more businesses have been getting served with lawsuits due to their website not being ADA compliant.  In 2021, nearly 11,400 lawsuits alleging websites violating the ADA were filed making up more than one-fifth of all federal and state ADA lawsuits. These ADA website lawsuits were up 320% in 2021 and are continuing to rise as California and New York enacted state rights of action that are also being used to sue retailers not located in those states. 

To combat this issue, FAIIR has partnered with UserWay to bring retailers into ADA compliance and provide additional financial and legal resources if the retailer gets sued. UserWay provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI) widget that can be added to your store’s website within a matter of minutes. 

Here are the details:

FAIIR members can purchase the UserWay widget for $390 for a year for a small site (up to 100K page views per month) which is $100 less than UserWay’s standard retail price of $490 per year. Again, this savings is only available to FAIIR members. 

For your $390, here is what is included in the package for the AI Powered Accessibility Widget:

  • Full suite of 100+ AI-powered accessibility functions
  • Consistent scans of your website for ADA violations
  • Real-time accessibility monitoring and reports
  • More than 90%+ WCAG 2.1 AA, ADA, Section 508 compliance
  • Premium Legal support and Litigation protection + $10,000 warranty

To receive your discount code and purchase your discounted UserWay widget – contact the FAIIR offices by calling 217-544-1003 or emailing us HERE.

To learn more about UserWay visit UserWay Online.

UserWay Makes Accessibility Easy