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IL COVID-19 Update #15

By March 21, 2020March 27th, 2020No Comments

A few moments ago, Governor JB Pritzker completed his daily briefing . What follows is information on the Governor’s Briefing, Food Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, FAIIR, Senior Hours, and Business Day 2020.


The Governor reminded everyone that the stay-at-home order takes effect at 5:00 p.m. (CST) today. He also reminded everyone that many businesses will remain open and there is no point in hoarding. He accurately stated that many would be better off going to the grocery store Monday as opposed to today. You can view stay-at-home FAQ’s here.

FAIIR appreciated the Governor’s expression of gratitude for the retailers, their employees, suppliers and their employees, and all who are continuing to tirelessly serve the public during this crisis.

The Governor asked all former medical professionals who have recently left the  medical field to come back and join the fight. The State is waiving license fees and expediting licensure. Interested individuals can find more information at and . The state is coordinating with medical facilities throughout state for deployment of these individuals. Further, the State is extending licensure renewal for all existing medical professionals through December 31st . Medical professionals who live in another state will be allowed to work in Illinois with existing license from other states.


The State of Illinois is looking for information as to PPE that is available and not in use. Below is a list of equipment of specific interest:

  • N95 masks
  • surgical masks
  • surgical gloves
  • goggles
  • face shields
  • gowns
  • PAPrs (powered air purifying respirators)
  • respirators

If you have available stocks, no matter how small, you can either contact FAIIR with the information or the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) directly. If you contact IEMA directly, contact Scott Gauvin, Manager of Strategic Operations and Preparedness, IEMA


The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued guidance to local health departments and food service entities regarding changes to food service as a result of COVID-19. In short, customer self-serve items are no longer allowed (see Q&A 12) but self-service beverage dispensers are allowed (see Q&A 17). However, if customers bring their own beverage containers, the stores must ensure the container is clean. FAIIR members can view the guidance here.


If you have not already done so, please go to and let us know if your store is offering hours. You can email us from the link on the webpage and we will add your store(s).


FAIIR staff will be available to you, the members, throughout the course of this pandemic. Below is contact information. I would encourage you to use text and email first. Additionally, for non-urgent matters, if you leave a message on our office phones, the system will notify us of a voicemail via email. We will contact you promptly.

Government Relations
Rob Karr Tanya Triche Dawood
email: email:
cell: 217-725-0870 cell: 312-259-2090
office: 217-544-1003 x18 office: 312-726-4600 x34
Alec Laird
cell: 901-484-7828
office: 217-544-1003 x11
Energy/Utility Issues
Maggie Murphy Brian Bowe
email: email:
office: 773-871-1110 cell: 920-639-5657
cell: 312-622-0053
Other issues
Gary Lukovich Debbie Cole
email: email:
cell: 847-644-2710 cell: 217-494-2009
office: 312-726-4600 x39 office: 217-544-1003 x10